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General Information

 Septic - When you require a pump-out, come to the store.  You will need to put your name on the list and pay for the pump-out.  The septic pumpouts will happen on Mondays and Fridays.  No septic pumpouts on the on weekends, so please plan ahead.  Please do not call him directly, he will not pump out your tank if you are not on our list at the store.  The septic station at the main washrooms is for daily campers ONLY!  Your septic and waste is your responsibility.  

Waste Water - Waste water is classified as any water used for anything, but drinking.  Waste water cannot be disposed of on the ground.  Any dumping of waste water on the ground, including outdoor showers and sinks, will terminate your seasonal site and possible fine from Manitoba Environment.  That being said, outdoor showers and sinks are NOT permitted.

Please be water conscious!!  Our water system and treatment plant is very expensive to operate.  Water is for human consumption and use, not for washing trailers, boats, bikes, dogs, sprinklers, etc.  When you leave please turn your water off at the tap, this will eliminate your site if we have water loss.  If you notice a waterline break or leaky tap, please come in and tell us.  We truly appreciate your extra eyes.

Garbage - Garbage is collected at our garbage collection, located by Buckets.  If you have larger items, it is your responsibility to dispose of it.  Seasonals do have access to use the Roblin Dump.  Come to the store for their hours.  We also have recycle bins for, glass bottles and cans only.

Fish Cleaning - Fish are to be cleaned at the filet shack ONLY!!  Cleaning fish at your site may by handy, but it is not permitted.  Skunks, raccoons and other lovely critters can smell it and become a problem within the campground.  Save a critter and filet at the shack that is provided for you to use.

Tree Trimming - If you want trees trimmed or removed(Because it is dead), you must come to the store and request to do so.  If approved, we will deliver a truck for the clippings and dispose of them for you.  Help us, Help you!

Any modifications to your site such as decks, sheds, gravel, etc, must be approved by Rickers Campground.  Please come to the store with your plans.  Rickers Campground also provided lot services, such as gravel, crushed rock, weed spraying and backhoe work.  Come on in for inquiries about prices.

Pets - Yes, we know that your dog doesn't bite, run away or bark all night.  Rickers Campground does actually pride itself on how well-mannered our seasonal pets actually are.  So help us keep our pride, dog must be leashed at all times, yep that does mean in your site as well, this is for the safety of your pet and others around you.  Absolutely, NO Pets in the PLAYGROUND, SHOWERS, BATHROOMS or STORE.  Finally please pick up your pet droppings and dispose of it properly, Not in the bathrooms or showers garbage bins.  Thanks!!  If you have a complaint about a pet, let us know.

Speed Limit - You may be at the lake, but yes we do have a speed limit of 15 km/h.  Please be extra watchful around the playground and bathrooms, we do have a lot of lil campers out there playing and riding their bikes.  Speeding will Not be tolerated.

Boat Launch - There are two boat launch areas.  The second  boat launch is strictly for seasonal and daily campers.  Fishing is not permitted on docks and the area close to the docks.  Please use common sense when loading and unloading.  Have your boat ready before going to the launch.  Everyone wants to get in the water, so please be ready.  Do Not Tie your boat to the dock for any reason.  On weekends the launch areas are busy with parked vehicles.  Be aware not to block roads, sites or the boat launch.  If possible take your vehicle back to your site for the duration you are on the water.

Cell Booster - We have a cell booster installed at the main washrooms for your convenience.  We do understand that it can be temperamental, depending on weather, and which tower it decides to use that day.  Enjoy!

Internet - Internet is available throughout the campground.  

I think that covers the basics.  Seasonals are welcome to access their sites May 1, so come on out and start your camping.  Power will be on.  The water system is shut down September 30.  Seasonal lock up is the Monday of Thanksgiving.  We turn the power off that date and lock the gates, absolutely no exceptions.  If you have any questions about anything, please come on down to the store and we will be happy to assist you. We want everyone to enjoy their time at the lake.

Peace, Love & Fishin

Clifton & Shona Herman

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